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Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature?

Among living things, the color blue is oddly rare. Blue rocks, blue sky, blue water, sure. But blue animals? They are few and far between. And the ones that do make blue? They make it in some very strange and special ...

Catching butterflies with the longest butterfly net in the world

Travel into the rainforest of Pimpilala, Ecuador with conservation educator and naturalist Phil Torres as he looks for butterflies with Dr. Susan Finkbeiner. As an entomologist and evolutionary biologist, she uses the...

Blue morpho butterflies emerge from their chrysalises

From the Natural History Museum in London, watch as these blue morpho butterflies emerge from their chrysalises in the Sensational Butterflies exhibition's beautifully organized chrysalis hatchery. From Time Out: ...

What Gives the Morpho Butterfly Its Magnificent Blue? – Deep Look

What does it mean to be blue? Let's look deep into something called structural coloration, the physics of light, and how it's possible that the Morpho butterfly's wings appear to be blue, despite their containing no b...

Zoom into a Blue Morpho Butterfly

The Blue Morpho Butterfly is a beautiful brown — yes, brown — butterfly. The microscopic scales on this rainforest butterfly manipulate light, reflecting back an intense blue light that makes them appear ...

How Biomimicry is Inspiring Human Innovation

How Biomimicry is Inspiring Human Innovation: …we human beings, who have been trying to make things for only the blink of an evolutionary eye, have a lot to learn from the long proc...

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