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Kris Kremo juggles cigar boxes

Juggling legend Kris Kremo began juggling balls, hats, and cigar boxes onstage with his father Béla Kremo in 1970 at age 19, and joined The Blackpool Tower Circus as a solo performer five years later. In this low-...

Don’t put any coins in this cardboard coin box

Don't put any coins in this coin box. If you do, it may fall apart... or pop apart! YouTuber まこっちノート (Makkochi Note) created this pensive looking coin box from cardboard, cloth, felt, rubber band, string, and s...

Doro Ottermann’s Magic Artbox Animations

From Doro Ottermann in Hamberg, Germany, enjoy these Magic Artbox Animations, short Instagram vids that start with colored pencils that magically reassemble into imaginative (and sometimes familiar) results. A v...

How are shipping containers made?

We've seen them traveling on trains and stacked high on ships, but where do shipping containers come from? How are they made? To answer that question, moving and storage company BigSteelBox filmed this HD promotional ...

Useless Box of Surprises

Useless Box of Surprises. Watch more inventions and other things made of wood. via Wimp.

Mechanical singing bird box automata of the 1700s

While googling about mechanical inventions like Mark Galt’s walking mechanical humans, I happened upon this lovely 1890 piece of restored gears and springs, with the original bellows: a singing bird mechanism. F...

Knock Knock – A touch & sound calculator

Mathematical calculations created with touch and sound… and the help of an Arduino board, contact microphones and solenoids. The Knock Knock was designed by Khalil Klouche as a concept ...

How to make a homemade vortex cannon

Hello, homemade vortex cannon! Make a tightly closed box with a narrow round hole at the end, hit the sides of the box to compress the air inside, sending the air out with some force. Instant vortex ring! Watch mor...

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