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Candle Making (1963)

See how one million candles a day were made in a busy factory, Price's Patent Candle Company in Battersea, South London, in the year 1963. British Pathé captured the wide variety being made, from candles that look lik...

Globe Making (1955) – British Pathé

Skilled British artisans in this North London globe making workshop would painstakingly create 60,000 world globes every year. This awesome 1955 film from British Pathé showcases their step-by-step process. Wikipedia ...

Motorized Bath on Wheels

Travel back to England in the year 1960 to see how these engineering students from Kingston, Surrey Technical College made a splash with a bath tub... a motorized bath tub, perfect for driving around the center of tow...

The art & technology behind 1960s Wallpaper Manufacturing

Whether they were hand-printed with precisely placed large blocks of color, or were run through machines that quickly pressed the surface colors onto the rolls, wallpapers at this Perivale factory in Greater London we...

British Pathé: Cricket Balls (1956)

From the amazing British Pathé video archives, Cricket Balls (1956).

Flying Bicycle (1962) – British Pathé

Travel back to Southampton University, England in 1962 as students compete with the Flying Bicycle Airplane vehicle that they spent months building. Bonus: old-timey narration. Watch more videos about flying in the a...

British Pathé: The World’s First Beatboxing Champion in 1938

From British Pathé, The World’s First Beatboxing Champion… in 1938... sort of beat-boxing anyways. Also note the mouth trumpeting and big string bass impression. Watch more videos with the mouth trumpet...

The Dynasphere – British Pathé

This Dynasphere video from British Pathé is awesome. The electric vehicle places passengers inside one giant wheel to get them from A to B. From wikipedia:  The Dynasphere was a monowheel vehicle design patented in...

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