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How to make a DIY Dice Shaker

With some cardboard, a skewer, a straw, popsicle sticks, a toilet paper tube, a plastic bottle, a glue gun, and an X-acto knife, YouTuber Yuri Ostr created a simple DIY Dice Shaker Toy. This step-by-step video shows u...

Don’t put any coins in this cardboard coin box

Don't put any coins in this coin box. If you do, it may fall apart... or pop apart! YouTuber まこっちノート (Makkochi Note) created this pensive looking coin box from cardboard, cloth, felt, rubber band, string, and s...

How to make a coin sorting machine with cardboard

With some thick cardboard, a cutting knife, some hot glue, a ruler, and probably a bit of trial and error, you can create your own DIY coin sorting machine. The key to the sorting "mechanism" is to cut the right size ...

Caine’s Arcade

Nine year old Caine Monroy made a super-detailed cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto part store. His first customer happened to be filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, who was inspired by Caine’s inventiveness an...

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