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Anastasia Chavez explains the 21-card trick

How can you use math to astonish your friends and family? Try the 21-card trick. Filmed for Numberphile, UC Davis Department of Mathematics Postdoc Anastasia Chavez demonstrates step-by-step how this trick works with ...

Preposterous – A short about absurdity

Sometimes things don't make any sense, and that's okay... it can even be amusing! From motion and graphic designer Florent Porta, this is Preposterous, a short about absurdity.

Circular motion demonstration with a sparkler & a hula hoop

From physics teacher and film maker Alom Shaha, check out these simple demonstrations showing how something moving in a circle will move in a straight line when you remove the centripetal force acting upon that thing....

Cardistry: Making card flourishes look effortless with practice

Card flourishes are visual displays of skill performed with playing cards, designed to show the skill or manual dexterity of a 'flourisher'. Card flourishes are primarily intended to be visually impressive and to appe...

Bike Shorts Film competition winner: Bicycle Sounds

Winner of the Bike Shorts Film Competition, Bicycle Sounds was created by Stephen Meierding, an artist, photographer, and videographer in NYC. It’s a great exploration of rhythm, sound, color and physics. More...

“The Greatest Card Trick Ever”

A short film by Eric Wagner & Sharon Ma, what seems to be a real magician in Times Square turns out to be a surprising and impossible card trick! This animation left the co-curator laughi...

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