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Walt Disney explains his studio’s multiplane camera technology

The multiplane camera, invented in 1937 for Walt Disney Studios by William Garity, was an incredible piece of technology that helped create the illusion of depth in animated motion pictures. Filmed in 1957, the multip...

The art of sound design: How to be a Foley artist

How are animated movies filled with so many real ambient sounds? Go behind the scenes at Lucasfilm's new state-of-the-art sound lab with Foley artists Shelly Roden and John Roesch, as WIRED senior editor Peter Rubin l...

Rowland Emett’s Marvelous Dream Machines

From a 2014 exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, explore the Marvelous Machines of Rowland Emett, an English cartoonist and maker of fantastical mechanical contraptions. Emett lived and worked in Birmingha...

One Froggy Evening (1955) with Michigan J. Frog

Consider the predicament in One Froggy Evening, a classic cartoon with no spoken words -- only singing -- that was released into movie theaters on December 31, 1955: A construction worker finds an old box with a singi...

Step into the Page – Disney animator Glen Keane draws in VR

This is what it's like to draw in virtual reality (VR) -- immersive 3D simulations driven by stereoscopic headsets, additional handheld controls, and a wide range of newly invented software. With VR, not only can you ...

Yakko’s Nations of the World: An updated version

For anyone who watched cartoons in the early 1990s, Yakko's World from Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs will be familiar. A memory-challenging list song, Yakko’s World inventories the nations of the world in a to...

The Dot & the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (1965)

Winner of the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 1965, and adapted from the celebrated book by Norton Juster, best-known for Phantom Tollbooth, this is The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics. Th...

Wangari Maathai – “I will be a hummingbird”

The Story of the Hummingbird, as told by celebrated Kenyan environmental activist, women's rights advocate, and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai in this clip from Dirt! The Movie: We are co...

Stay In Queue (2006): A lesson about staying in line

There are two long lines to choose from. Which one will the little bear join? And what if the other one seems to be advancing more quickly? From Ferdinand Lutz, with music by Dominik Mueller, this is STAY IN QUEUE, a ...

A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing – Schoolhouse Rock

A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing, a 1973 Grammar Rock episode from Schoolhouse Rock. Related watching: Verb: That’s What’s Happening, Unpack Your Adjectives, and more Schoolhouse Rock.

Watch Chuck Jones draw Bugs Bunny

Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny, a clip from the 1991 documentary Chuck Amuck: The Movie.

Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW: 43 Cartoon Theme Songs

Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW performs a medley of 43 Cartoon Theme Songs. Who doesn’t love watching music being performed as animated action happens all over the place? After yo...

John Wilson Orchestra: Scott Bradley‘s Tom & Jerry cartoon music

For the two adults in our house, this music brings back some rowdy cartoon cat and mouse tv memories from childhood. For the two kids in our house, it’s an orchestra playing energetic, ja...

Winnie-the-Pooh (Винни-Пух) by Russian animator Fyodor Khitruk

Comparing different versions of familiar stories can be a great example of how many ways there are to see the world. The video above is a fascinating example: Winnie-the-Pooh (Винни-Пух, 1969) by Russian animator Fyod...

Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home – Sesame Street

Classic Sesame Street: Lost Boy Remembers His Way Home.

Them Not-So-Dry Bones – Schoolhouse Rock

Ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and tendons all need our skeletons. And so do we! It’s Schoolhouse Rock's Them Not-So-Dry Bones, animated in 1979.

Verb: That’s What’s Happening (1974) – Schoolhouse Rock!

Read, click, watch, learn, sing along! It’s Schoolhouse Rock's Grammar Rock series of educational animated shorts, watch Verb: That’s What’s Happening which first aired in 1974. 

Pinball Countdown, a classic Sesame Street animation

This 1977 Sesame Street clip is a classic: Pinball Countdown, featuring vocals by the Pointer Sisters. Related listening:

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