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Squid: Coming to Life, captured in microscopic detail

From a 'pearl' filled with dividing cells to hatchlings with color-shifting skin, watch as these very small cephalopods grow up under a microscope. The film, Squid: Coming to Life, was created by evolutionary and deve...

Cell division in a frog egg, a microscopic time lapse video

In a feat of DIY time lapse filmmaking at a microscopic scale, wildlife filmmaker and photographer Francis Chee captured the cell division of a Rana temporaria common frog egg. Watch it transform from a few cells to.....

ScienceTake: How an Embryo Grows

From a single cell to a whole organism, how do animals grow into such diverse and complex creatures from their embryonic beginnings? What if we could follow and map a human's development from a single cell to the esti...

Snail development time lapse: From embryo to hatching

Via skeptv, New Scientist reports on this time lapse video of snail development from embryo to hatching: Oliver Tills of Plymouth University, UK, and colleagues tracked the timing of 12 diff...

Para Films’ The Plankton Chronicles

After watching The Secret Life of Plankton, oh how happy we were to find Para Films' The Plankton Chronicles. There are so many beautiful videos shot in microscopic detail. In the video above, the Sea Urchin and it...

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