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Journey along a sound wave in Sivan Talmor’s Sad Heart

Onward over the rugged landscape, through tempestuous winds and deep waters, a woman takes an emotional journey along an everchanging sound wave. Sivan Talmor's Sad Heart music video was created by award-winning direc...

Lucas the Spider tells a scary story & meets a new friend

In this Lucas the Spider adventure, Lucas finds a book full of scary stories. But when he doesn't like the story he's reading, he makes up his own. Lucas also keeps busy with his one-spider band... And his ...


It's morning time and the Japanese supermall is preparing to open for business. Two women in a food shop are getting ready, too, until the older woman's back goes out. How will her young assistant help her visit the c...

Lucas the Spider discovers a tiny wooden village…

Lucas the Spider might be tiny, but in a toy wooden village, he's quite big. In fact, he's giant. Watch Giant Spider, above, a fun CGI short created by animator Joshua Slice and voiced by his nephew Lucas. Slice has p...

The animated adventures of Lucas the Spider

Meet Lucas the Spider, a series of short and adorable animations by animator Joshua Slice, whose credits include Disney's Zootopia and Big Hero 6. The original Lucas short was a quick animation voiced by Slice's nephe...

Alike, an animated short film

Copi is a father who's trying to teach his daily way of life to Paste, his son. Watch as they head off to their work and school routines in a bustling city, and see what they discover along the way. Alike is an animat...

Ciclope, a messenger drone flies across ravaged landscapes

A quadcopter flies across majestic landscapes to deliver a mysterious wrapped gift. Below it, the structures and technologies appear to be crumbling. Where is it flying to and who is the gift for? The animators at...

Katie Melua’s Perfect World, a wintry adventure

From award-winning directors Karni and Saul, watch as a mother and child brave the winter landscape, facing fairy tale-like dangers, challenges, and magical snow slides together. The story is the background for Katie ...

Casse-croûte (Snacks)

From directing duo Burcu & Geoffrey, Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet, enjoy these elegant and beautifully animated creatures as they look for a snack: Casse-croûte.

Preposterous – A short about absurdity

Sometimes things don't make any sense, and that's okay... it can even be amusing! From motion and graphic designer Florent Porta, this is Preposterous, a short about absurdity.

Voltige (Aerobatics)

From Léo Brunel at MOPA (Supinfocom), Arles' school of CG animation, this is Voltige, a short about some unexpected trapeze artistry... sort of. Watch more acrobatics and more animation in the archives.

Scissors attempt to make A Small Escape

A pair of scissors attempts to make A Small Escape (Den Lilla Flykten) by Stockholm-based CG artist David Sandell. The short was Best Animation winner at Sweden’s Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2016.

The Sea Is Blue

A young girl falls overboard during a fishing expedition and experiences a meaningful undersea adventure in this stop motion animation: The Sea Is Blue by writer and director Vincent Peone. A myth about how the ocean ...

A snowman yearns for warmer climes – Parabella Studios

This beautifully crafted holiday commercial for the Belgian National Lottery was animated by Parabella Studios in East London. Check out their Making-Of video:

A tiny volcano tries to explode

Volcano by Julien Loth, a short but super cute story of a tiny volcano that's making do with what it's got.

Tiny Worlds: Cleaning London’s Streets

What happens to the litter and rubbish on London’s streets when no one’s looking? How does it all get cleaned up? The CG team at Rushes has a few ideas in their Tiny Worlds animated...

A Cloudy Lesson by Yezi Xue

A Cloudy Lesson by artist and CG generalist Yezi Xue. Watch more cgi shorts on this site.

Missing U: A clever animation about language and love

Letter I embarks on a journey in this clever animated short film, Missing U, a Ringling College of Art and Design senior thesis by Brooke Wagstaff. Visit more islands and watch more videos ab...

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