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The Exhale Bionic Chandelier: Microorganism-filled ‘leaves’ that ‘breathe’

An air purifier, an art object, and a piece of lighting design all in one living, 'breathing' chandelier. This is London-based inventor and bioengineer Julian Melchiorri's Exhale Bionic Chandelier, a microorganism-fil...

Murmuration Chandelier

Inspired by the twisting, turning phenomenon of starling flocks, called a murmuration, this is Murmuration Chandelier, a kinetic sculpture by designers Richard Harvey and Keivor John: When you look at a murmuration...

How the Baccarat crystal studio makes a blown crystal chandelier

Made from melted silica sand, potash, lead (over 24%), and other ingredients, crystal is heavier and more sparkly than glass, making it a perfect material for this light refracting decorative ceiling lamp: The chandel...

The ORBIS FLY kinetic light system at the Leningrad Center

On a grid of nearly-invisible wires, 1,089 LED-lit orbs become a massive kinetic chandelier at 10 meters (32.8 feet) high. Each orb changes its color and position according to its programming to compose fluid, angular...

Shylights: Blooming silk light sculptures at the Rijksmuseum

Made with silk, aluminum, polished stainless steel, LED's, and iPhone/iPad-controlled robotics, Shylights by Studio Drift mimic the natural world with their graceful metamorphosis. Watch as they fall 30 feet (9 meters...

The Chandelier Tree – Silver Lake’s twinkling neighborhood gem

Over the course of six years, Adam Tenenbaum turned his Silver Lake, California front yard tree into one that was filled with the warm light of 30 vintage chandeliers. In this short, filmmaker Colin Kennedy...

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