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Going Fishing, a stop motion animation by Guldies

Small campfires that light with a snap. A tree that's chopped down with a tiny axe. Claymation well water that creates a small lake. A fish trinket that's cooked up for dinner. Going Fishing is a short stop-motion fil...

Magic Clay stop motion

Magic Clay, a stop motion short by Alexander Unger, a.k.a. Guldies. How do you make an animated short like this one? Unger writes: Shot with a Canon EOS 600D. 1800 still pictures, 24 FPS and animated in Dragonfram...

Space Rocks: Comets, asteroids, meteors, & meteorites

This claymation primer on comets, asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites helps us learn about Space Rocks in a super adorable way. Made by Beakus for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the animation is one in a ...

The Sea Is Blue

A young girl falls overboard during a fishing expedition and experiences a meaningful undersea adventure in this stop motion animation: The Sea Is Blue by writer and director Vincent Peone. A myth about how the ocean ...

The Rosetta Mission – A claymation tale of science & adventure

In August 2014, after ten years of traveling, the Rosetta space probe and its lander Philae made a historic rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, and in November 2014, Philae landed/bounced onto the comet's...

Changing claymation creature portraits: “I am a…”

"I am a..." by animation director Andy Martin, who we've enjoyed before: You sit down to have your portrait painted, but who are you? What is the image you want to project? How will the artist manipulate it? Are yo...

No Noodles by Tyler Nicolson

No Noodles! Small creatures explore and inhabit an even smaller world. A short stop motion film by Tyler Nicolson, music by Chris Adriaanse. via Colossal.

CREATE by Dan MacKenzie

A mad scientist is in the middle of making a monster… sort of. A story that flips between two parallel worlds, CREATE is a short stop motion animation by artist, animator, and director D...

To Give a Present by Kirsten Lepore for Yo Gabba Gabba

Created for Yo Gabba Gabba’s Christmas special, animator and director Kirsten Lepore recruits the most adorable shapes around to give presents to each other! 

Art Clokey’s Gumbasia (1955)

Gumbasia was Art Clokey’s first film, made in 1955 at the University of Southern California. It was a parody of Disney’s Fantasia, using stop-motion clay figures. This short film led to funding for his first Gumby fil...

The Water Cycle: A boogie woogie stop motion clay animation

The Water Cycle! This cute little stop motion piece about water in many of its forms was created by animator Emma Dougherty at StopMoGo, and was inspired by her time as a teacher. Also, it has great boogie woogie mus...

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