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What is surface tension? Ask a water strider.

Modern technologies like high speed cameras can allow us to see what was previously 'invisible' to the naked eye. This clip from Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds provides two memorable slow motion examples: A speedy...

Float by Susi Sie

Bubbles and droplets of oil in water slowly float around as if in space until... plink! They pop together. Or pop apart? Float is an award-winning 2011 film by Susi Sie with music and sound design by Thomas Schuessler...

Coalescence cascade: A water drop dances in slow motion

Coalescence cascade! Watch MIT’s high speed cameras capture drops of water hitting the surface of water at 10,000 frames a second — that’s 400 times faster than the human eye....

Coalescence cascade: The bouncing droplet in slow motion

What is a coalescence cascade? When droplets of water contact the surface of water, it doesn't actually get absorbed straight away like you may think it does. What happens is it gradually bounces up and down until ...

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