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The World’s Largest Lunchbox Museum

From Cool Hunting, visit collector Allen Woodall in Columbus, Georgia to see The World’s Largest Lunchbox Museum. There are more wonderful collections and museums to visit.

Disassembled / Things Come Apart – Todd McLellan

Photographer Todd McLellan has been on my mind ever since I saw this post on making an Inventor’s Box: a collection of tools and second-hand electronics for kids to disassemble, organiz...

Preserving the Forest of the Sea – Science on the SPOT

In this Science on the SPOT: Preserving the Forest of the Sea, watch Kathy Ann Miller, PhD, curator of the University Herbarium at the University of California - Berkeley, as she shares the wide variety of seaweeds ...

Yawns – Everynone

By Everynone founder Daniel Mercadante (previously featured here, here and here) with music by Lullatone, (also previously featured,) here are some Yawns. Related listening:

Ball – Everynone

With images from Google Search and music by J.S. Bach (“Nun Freut Euch”), Everynone and director Daniel Mercadante re-introduce the Ball. via Booooooom.

One Minute Vacation – One second per day for 2 months

This video by Kevin Kelly demonstrates how much texture, detail and feeling you can communicate with very little. From Kevin:  I took a one-second clip each day on a two-month trip in Asia during April &...

Her Shoes – Everynone

This short video called “Her Shoes" is by Katina Hubbard and Daniel Mercadante, founder of Everynone (work previously featured, via Radiolab). The music is by Lullatone, who we love and have also previously featured. ...

Inside the Meteorite Clean Room at the Smithsonian

Meteorites are the chunks of meteors that have hurtled through Earth’s atmosphere and landed/crashed on the ground. There are three types of meteorites: stone, iron and stony-iron, and once they’re in s...

Theodore Gray’s Periodic Table Table: A rare collection of elements

Wolfram Research co-founder and author Theo Gray has made the most amazing Periodic Table table for his collection of elements! And he’s collected so many in a variety of forms over the...

Inside of New York City’s Sutton Clock Shop

The Sutton Clock Shop on New York’s Upper East Side has been serving its customers for over 60 years and is truly a father-son business. Perched above the streets and filled to the brim with clocks of every shape...

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