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Dressing in late 14th century armor

A video showing how to dress in and wear armor (harness) from late 14th century. The harness is a detailed reconstruction based on the effigy of the Black Prince (1330-1376) in the Canterbury Cathedral, other relevant...

Elephants of War: Elephant armor (bargustavan-i-pil) from India, circa 1600

'Fearsome war elephants fully clad in armor' were a thing. Natasha Bennett, a curator at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England, introduces this stunning mail and plate elephant armor (bargustavan-i-pil) from In...

Balablok (1972) – Bretislav Pojar’s animated parody of human nature

Director, animator, and puppeteer Bretislav Pojar explores human fallibility though simple paper cutout shapes in Balablok (1972). A masterful piece of wordless storytelling, the stop motion short film won the Cannes ...

Combat demonstrations in fifteenth century suits of armor

From Le Figaro, Le combat en armure au XVe siècle, in which two people demonstrate what it was like to battle in 15th century suits of armor. The combat was staged with reproductions for Le Musée National du Moyen-Âge...

Cell vs. virus: A battle for health

From TED Ed and Shannon Stiles, Cell vs. virus: A battle for health:  All living things are made of cells. In the human body, these highly efficient units are protected by layer upon layer of defense against i...

Chameleon colors predict who will win a fight

If you’re a chameleon, camouflage isn’t always what you want from your color-changing abilities. Update! Chameleons aren't usually trying to blend in. Sometimes you want to stand out and look as bright ...

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