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NEBULAE – a cosmic meditation

Be sure to full screen this 10m42s computer-generated nebula by Teun van der Zalm, who creates 3D nebulae visualizations built from particle physics for VR games, visual effects films, and fulldome planetarium shows. ...

Stop-motion animation goes high tech at Laika

If you've seen Kubo and the Two Strings from Laika, the animation studio behind Coraline and The Boxtrolls, then go behind the scenes with their team to see the epic blend of handcrafted puppets, stop motion, CGI, and...

Step into the Page – Disney animator Glen Keane draws in VR

This is what it's like to draw in virtual reality (VR) -- immersive 3D simulations driven by stereoscopic headsets, additional handheld controls, and a wide range of newly invented software. With VR, not only can you ...

Luxo Jr. Pencil Test: Emotional storytelling in wire frames

How do animators make a character lovable when the character doesn't have a face and doesn't speak? How can you build a relatable story with something as minimal as a computer generated pencil test? How do you communi...

Karl Sims’ Evolved Virtual Creatures (1994)

Karl Sims is a digital media artist, computer graphics research scientist, and software entrepreneur. His influential artificial life computer animations, like this one from 1994, were progra...

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