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4-Way Stop vs the Roundabout

What’s more efficient: a four way stop or a European-style roundabout? Watch how Adam Savage, Jaime Hyneman, and The Mythbusters team put it to the test to find out the answer. Updated video. If you can't see ...

The tiny glass frog of Costa Rica

The size of a human fingernail, this tiny glass frog in Costa Rica is a wonder to watch. In this clip from the Discovery Channel’s Speed of Life, you can see the glass frog’s rice g...

Building the World’s Largest Ship (in 76 seconds)

Maersk’s Triple-E is a new class of fuel-efficient container ships, designed for lower speeds and CO2 emissions. The 400-meter long ships break the record in container ship capacity and are expected to be the...

How does lightning form?

How does lightning form? Evidently we’re still trying to figure it out! It all starts in the clouds where both ice crystals and hail stones form:  Scientists believe that as these hail stones fall back throug...

The last five, wonder-filled minutes of Extreme Stars

You’re made of carbon, you’re made of oxygen, there’s iron in your blood. All of those things had to be generated inside the core of a star. There’s no other way to get them. So when you ...

Balloons – How It’s Made

Of all of the fun things about how they make balloons, it was really the tilted brushes to roll up the balloon ends that got us. So simple! Learn more about how things are made and watch more balloon videos on thi...

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