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How Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Made

A secret flour recipe, a machine that makes torus-shaped dough, lots of donut-sized elevator shelves, flipping, frying, and glazing, and it's all set to Swan Lake, Op. 20: IV. Allegro moderato. This Tasty video is an ...

How To Make Mini Donut Cookies – SweetAmbs

Cookies that look like mini donuts! Cookie decorating artist Amber Spiegel demonstrates how to make these bite-size desserts look like donuts, crullers, cinnamon buns, and more thanks to the detail that she puts into ...

Why Do I Study Physics? by Xiangjun Shi

"Physics told me some crazy stuff. Say, I’m not just sitting here doing nothing. I’m actually fighting against Earth’s gravity. And I’m not sitting still. I’m spinning at a thousand miles...

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