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Sea fans, barracuda & a giant clam in 4K – Earth Touch

Yellowtail barracuda, a giant clam, a sea cucumber, scorpionfish, gorgonian sea fans, and more: Earth Touch takes us underwater to Phi-Phi National Marine Reserve's Bida Nok in the Andaman Sea, Thailand. Beautiful, fu...

Hammerhead Shark Swarm – Wild Oceans

From Earth Touch: Wild Oceans, a dive off the coast of Mozambique reveals a beautiful surprise swarm of hammerhead sharks. In the archives: more sharks, more Mozambique and more Earth Touch vi...

The weird world of the sea urchin

Dive down into the world of sea urchins in this 2010 Earth Touch video, from needle urchins, to oval urchins, to banded urchins, to short-spined urchins. In the archives: more marine life and more Earth Touch videos...

Metamorphosis, Earth Touch‘s iPhone Films

From a small egg hidden on a leaf, to an adult soaring high across the sky, take a journey with Earth Touch's iPhone Films team to witness a butterfly’s Metamorphosis.

Incredible sardine run feeding frenzy – Earth Touch in South Africa

In this absolutely incredible footage from EarthTouchTV, watch hundreds of thousands of sardines off the coast of South Africa swarm at the center of an animal feeding frenzy. With Earth-Touch divers right in the midd...

Earth Touch: Antarctica Ep2 – The animals of South Georgia Island

Two South African filmmakers and ecologists travel to South Georgia Island and Antarctica to film the animals that live on the seventh continent. In this episode from, meet the trusting seals and pengui...

Orangutan Smile: A mother orangutan cuddles her baby

Observing a six month old baby girl orangutan, an eight year old son and their mother as they spend family time together in the Sumatran jungle in Indonesia. From the cameraman for this Earth...

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