Topic: Entomophagy

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How can weaver ants protect an entire orchard?

In this mango orchard in Northern Thailand, weaver ants are nurtured so they can thrive and protect the harvest. The ants hunt the pests that would eat the mangoes, eliminating any need to use harmful chemical pestici...

The Case For Eating Bugs

Ants on a log, sautéed grasshopper tacos, scorpion curry, larva lollipops. Eating insects (and arachnids) is called entomophagy and it's practiced by two billion people around the globe, "including North, Central, and...

Entomophagy: The Economist looks at why eating insects makes sense

Healthier to eat, less expensive to produce, and more sustainable than traditional livestock, insects are a popular recommendation as a global food supply solution. Around two billion people eat bugs as a snack or as ...

The Edible Insects Food Movement – KQED Quest

Two billion people in cultures around the world include insects as a part of their diet, and there are lots of stories about it in the news right now. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has recently recommende...

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