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Greetings Around the World

When you see friends or acquaintances, do you hug or kiss on the cheek? Do you shake hands or say 'hey' and wave hello before starting a conversation? What greetings are most common where you live? The Cut travels...

Spend a Day With the World’s Only Grass-Eating Monkeys

Geladas, one of the flagship species of Africa’s alpine grasslands, are found only in the Ethiopian Highlands. They are the smallest vestige of a genus that millions of years ago stretched from South Africa to Spain a...

Ethiopia – The Perennial Plate

Travel to Ethiopia with the team at The Perennial Plate and see how injera, false banana, and coffee are made. In the archives, more Ethiopia, and more from The Perennial Plate.

The world’s craziest intersection: Meskel Square, Addis Ababa

Traffic at the world's craziest intersection: Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. No lights, no roundabout, no traffic cops, and lots of lucky people narrowly avoiding collisions of all kinds. Accor...

Fearsome Teeth of the Gelada Baboon

In the mountains of Ethiopia, the BBC’s Steve Backshall and his Deadly 60 team track a group of graminivorous (grass-eating) gelada baboons to observe their amazing, lion-sized, canine tee...

Megabiskate: Skating as empowerment for Ethiopian kids

Israel Dejene, founder of Megabiskate, narrates this film by Aaron Hutchinson and Across the Pond. Dejene describes his passion for skateboarding and how he is using the sport to engage, inspire, and empower kids R...

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