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Glass artist Kiva Ford makes handmade scientific & artistic glassware

For art or for science, glass artist Kiva Ford loves to make precise, custom vessels, beakers, sculptures, and more with glass. In this 2011 Etsy Handmade Portrait, Ford describes his work in Scientific Glassblowing (...

Stitching an Artisanal American Football

This is how a football is stitched and laced by hand, as demonstrated in 2011 by LemonBall and Leather Head Sports founder Paul Cunningham, courtesy of director Pascal Perich and Etsy. Cunnin...

Handmade Portraits: Wild Hive Farm

"Consumers making a choice to buy a loaf of bread made with local flour has a lot of power… It enables the consumer to directly effect their neighbors, whether it’s the farmer that grew the grain, the clea...

The Fine Art of Folding Air: Balloon Sculpture Airigami

The Fine Art of Folding Air is a short piece by filmmaker Catherine Stratton that introduces the balloon sculpture work of Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle. Their company, Airigami, specializes in making ballo...

Inside of New York City’s Sutton Clock Shop

The Sutton Clock Shop on New York’s Upper East Side has been serving its customers for over 60 years and is truly a father-son business. Perched above the streets and filled to the brim with clocks of every shape...

Rob Ryan’s intricate paper cutting illustrations

London-based artist Rob Ryan introduces his intricate paper cutting illustrations in this lovely Handmade Portrait video from Etsy TV. Artist Rob Ryan‘s studio is located in a cozy nook ...

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things! What a excellent addition to our collection of How Things Are Made. via The Retronaut, h/t @cosentino. 

The Swordmaker: A last Japanese swordsmith forges a sword

One of the last remaining Japanese swordsmiths uses all of his skills and knowledge to make Koto, a mythical samurai sword dating back to 794-1333 AD. From, Korehira Watanabe is The Swordmaker. In the archi...

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