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An up-close look at tardigrades and their poop

It is surely the stuff of science fiction: An extraordinary being arrives on Earth that can withstand a tortuous array of conditions: boiling, freezing, tremendous atmospheric pressure, near total dehydration, and exp...

Why is Lake Hillier pink?

Fly over Lake Hillier, a stunning pink lake on Middle Island, off the south coast of Western Australia. The footage was filmed by Jaimen Hudson, who captures Australia's natural wonders by drone. Lake Hillier is a...

Space Rocks: Comets, asteroids, meteors, & meteorites

This claymation primer on comets, asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites helps us learn about Space Rocks in a super adorable way. Made by Beakus for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the animation is one in a ...

Antarctica by drone – Tour our 5th largest continent from above

Fly through ice formations and see the seemingly-endless landscapes in context of boats and people, from the huge icebergs extending down into the deep blue water, to the snow-covered mountains, to the whales swimming...

How do you find water bears (tardigrades) in the wild?

Tardigrades (also called water bears or moss piglets) refer to over 1,150 species of microscopic aquatic animals that can be found in moss, ferns, lichens, soil, beaches, dunes, and other damp habitats all over the pl...

The Grand Prismatic Spring: One of Nature’s Most Amazing Sights

Yellowstone National Park's Grand Prismatic Spring may be the nation's largest hot spring, but it's primarily known for its vibrant rainbow of colors. Created by the unique bacteria and algae that live within each hue...

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