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The North Wind and the Sun: A Fable by Aesop

Once the North Wind and the Sun were arguing about who was the stronger. They saw a man walking below. "I am the strongest," said the North Wind fiercely. "Only I can get the coat off that man." But the sun, answering...

The Lion and the Mouse (1976) – Evelyn Lambart

The Lion and the Mouse is a classic fable that highlights how huge contributions can come from unexpected places, that a kindness is never wasted, and that even when you're the king of the forest, you can be in need o...

The Hoarder (1969) – Evelyn Lambart

In this short animation by Evelyn Lambart, a greedy little blue jay carries away whatever his beak can grasp. Berries, birds' eggs (nests and all), and even the sun in the sky go into his secret cache. Nothing is safe...

Fine Feathers (1968) – Evelyn Lambart

From Evelyn Lambart, renowned Canadian animator and technical director with the National Film Board of Canada, this is Fine Feathers, a 1968 cut paper animation about two rival birds that trade their plumage for green...

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