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The Stroop Test

After we learn to read, recognizing words becomes an automatic behavior that our brains can process much faster than recognizing colors. For example, say these words: Red. Green. Blue. So what happens when we intro...

4-Way Stop vs the Roundabout

What’s more efficient: a four way stop or a European-style roundabout? Watch how Adam Savage, Jaime Hyneman, and The Mythbusters team put it to the test to find out the answer. Updated video. If you can't see ...

What is the fastest accelerator on the planet? – Invisible Worlds

What is the fastest accelerator on the planet? A cheetah? A rocket? A… a fungus spore? —This is a segment from the BBC’s Invisible Worlds. Related reading: Spore dispersal – The big gamble and Pil...

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