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DIY Ferrocell: How to make a magnetic field viewer

By squishing a mix of mineral oil and ferrofluid between two sheets of glass, diligently squeezing out the air bubbles, sealing the edges, and then lighting it with a LED strip, Magnetic Games has created a DIY magnet...

Chemical Bouillon, a series of visually abstract chemical reactions

Hydrocarbon vs Ink - Implosion, above, from the Chemical Bouillon video series, "an artistic project studying the graphic aspect of chemical reactions" created by Antoine Delach, Valere Amirault, and Teurk in Paris, F...

Ferrofluid + Glow Sticks – The Physics Girl

Ferromagnetic + fluid = ferrofluid, a liquid containing nanoscale particles of magnetite, hematite, or an iron compound. Invented by NASA's Steve Papell in 1963, ferrofluid forms undulating spikes and patterns as it r...

Ferrolic – A ferrofluid clock prototype by Zelf Koelman

Watch ferromagnetic fluid travel across a blank surface like living creatures: undulating forward, dancing rhythmically, blobbing together in organic shapes to digitally display the current time. Ferrolic, a ferroflui...

CYMATICS: Science + music = audio frequency visualizations

With help from a Chladni Plate, vibrating liquid on a speaker dish, a hose pipe optical trick, ferrofluid, a Ruben's Tube, and a Telsa Coil, New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford showcases audio frequency visualizations...

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