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Firefly Experience: Lightning bugs light the Iowa woods

Walk the woods near Fairfield, Iowa as the fireflies come out to sparkle and glow at twilight. Photographer Radim Schreiber sees the sparkling forest as reflection of the stars in the Milky Way and has been filming t...

Fireflies sparkle in a Pennsylvania field at dusk

Found all over the globe, fireflies or lightning bugs are winged beetles that emerge in warm, humid weather. Though their signature bioluminescent flashes are actually complex communications, the effect can create a m...

Sir David Attenborough at 90, an interview

In celebration of his 90th birthday on the May 8th 2016, Sir David Attenborough reflects on his incredible career as a world renowned broadcaster and naturalist. Attenborough also comments on the advances in filmm...

hiding but not really, a hypnotic looping animation

hiding but not really, a beautifully hypnotic looping animation from animation director Eran Hilleli. We expected something to happen, but then it didn't, and then we realized that it was already happening. Who is thi...

Beautiful summer nights full of fireflies and stars

Of his magical-looking evenings observing the stars, the lightning, and the glowing summer insects of Ithaca, New York, Michael Roman writes: I confess, I spent many--perhaps too many--nights this summer standing a...

In A Flash: Firefly Communication

Fireflies, or lightning bugs, can make warm summer evenings feel magical, but there's more than magic going on behind their bioluminescent light show. For the 2,000 species of fireflies around the globe, their energy-...

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