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Liquid Sand Hot Tub: Making a giant fluidized bed of sand

When air is pumped through sand in just the right way, the sand begins to behave a lot like a fluid. As air escapes between the sand particles, items placed in the sand will begin to float. Others will sink. And when ...

An octopus that makes quicksand for a quick escape

The southern sand octopus can make a quick escape by making its own quicksand. How? It shoots jets of water into the sand grains, separating them into an almost fluid state, and allowing the octopus to burrow. There u...

Tales from the Prep Room – Making Sand Swim

From the Ri Channel's View the Tales from the Prep Room series, this is how you make a fluidized bed of sand: Making Sand Swim. Watch how these solids suddenly behave a lot like a fluid as a...

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