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Marcel Marceau

Above, a classic performance by French actor and mime Marcel Marceau. He was inspired to mime at five years old when his mother took him to

Norman McLaren’s Le Merle

Le Merle (the Blackbird) is a cutout animation directed in 1958 by cinematic innovator Norman McLaren. Based on a French-Canadian folksong, the story tells of a bird who loses a beak, a neck, eyes, wings, legs, etc, a...

Matt W. Moore: Walls Are Dancing (2010)

From the Let’s Colour Project and street artist Matt W. Moore, this is Walls Are Dancing (2010). Follow it up with this behind the scenes video (with some subtitles) of how the murals and film were put together:...

Les Talons Rouges (The Red Heels)

Les Talons Rouges (The Red Heels), a student film directed and animated by Olesya Shchukina. Related watching: Her Shoes, and two videos about cats jumping: gravity defying cat and do cats always la...

Megateam Revolution kite-flying

This video of kite-flying Megateam Revolution was filmed by Gaétan in Berck-sur-Mer, France at the 27th Rencontres Internationales de Cerfs-Volants à Berck, one of the larger kite festivals in the world. Watch how th...

Shaggy Lawn Mowers – Paris’ Eco-Friendly Park Lawn Maintenance

Shaggy Lawn Mowers - Paris Tries an Eco-Friendly Way of Maintaining Park Lawns… the New York Times reports on a sustainable idea: Mayor Bertrand Delanoë has made the environment a priority since his election ...

Ebene Quartet: NPR Music Field Recordings

The Paris-based Quatuor Ebene plays the second movement of Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 80 string quartet at powerHouse Arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn for NPR Music Field Recordings.

Microcosmos: Le peuple de l’herbe

Part one of the award-winning nature film Microcosmos: Le peuple de l’herbe, directed by French biologists Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou. One hour and fifteen minutes on an unk...

How to Visit a French Bakery – Olive Us

How to Visit a French Bakery by Olive Us, in which Olive, Betty, and Ralph visit La Huche à Pain in Écouché, France to learn about some of the different beautiful pastries you might find in a traditional French pâtiss...

Caterpillar Caravan of pine processionary caterpillars

This caterpillar caravan is made of hundreds of pine processionary caterpillars or Thaumetopoea pityocampa marching in a long nose-to-tail processional train when they’re ready to pupate....

Partir (leaving)

By Joanna Lurie, "partir" (leaving), a story of two creatures who adventure together along building walls and beyond, where each animation frame is drawn on a different wall in the city.  French translation for the ...

FOLI: There is no movement without rhythm

Thomas Roebers’ Rhythm “FOLI” There Is No movement Without Rhythm. “Foli” is the word used for rhythm by the Malinke tribe in West Africa. But Foli is not only found in Malinke music, but in all p...

Østersøen by Ödland: Intricate stop-motion papercraft music video

This beautiful music video by Ödland was directed by Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace for music written and recorded by Papace. It’s all made with paper, light and so many beautifully-crafted images. ...

La Mer de Pianos: A film about the oldest piano shop in Paris

La Mer de Pianos: A lovely short film (in French with subtitles) about Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris. Merveilleux!

Streamschool (Patakiskola) – A Hungarian poem told in stop motion

Streamschool (Patakiskola) by Péter Vácz: Inspired by a Hungarian poem, this beautifully-textured stop motion piece about growing up tells the story of a little girl who travels with a river to the sea. The version ab...

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