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Can ice on Europa and Enceladus help us find extraterrestrial life?

In the late 1990s, photographs from the Galileo spacecraft showed an ice-covered surface on Europa, one of the Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter. In early 2018, studies of the data reported that "giant jets of water are...

Homemade marble track demonstrations by science teacher Bruce Yeany

Science teacher Bruce Yeany uses this collection of physics marble tracks to introduce and reinforce his students' ideas about perpetual and kinetic energy, motion, acceleration, inertia, and more. The tracks—stringle...

Welding in Space

On June 3, 1965, after America's first spacewalk was complete, the two Gemini IV astronauts, spacewalker Edward H. White II and command pilot James A. McDivitt, had trouble getting the hatch closed. They managed to, a...

Raw Footage of Jupiter from Voyager 1 (1979)

This raw movie footage was taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft as it raced towards Jupiter in February 1979. Clearly visible is the constantly changing attitude of Voyager’s scan platform, which houses the narrow ...

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