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Biobots and the animals that inspire their designs

Review some of the cutting-edge designs inspired by the physiology of animals: Biobots. This Wired video shares how roboticists use nature's solutions to create snakebots, jumping bush baby bots, bots with gecko feet,...

Stanford’s µTug microrobots can pull a car

Watch six of Stanford's µTug (MicroTug) robots pulling an unmodified 3,900lb (1,800kg) car thanks to special directional adhesive "shoes" and "a very long, very slow, but very steady winching gate." The six microTugs ...

Stanford’s MicroTug robot can pull 2,000x its weight on glass

Inspired by the incredible sticking power in ant feet and gecko toes, researchers at Stanford's Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab have developed directional adhesives that help this 12-gram µTug (MicroTug) rob...

The Leaf-tailed Geckos (Uroplatus) of Madagascar

Enjoy a fascinating, detailed look at the Leaf-tailed Geckos (Uroplatus) of Madagascar and their camouflage capabilities in this video by conservation photographer and biologist Ryan M. Bolto...

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