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Where does Space begin?

How far away is Space from where you are at this moment? How much closer is it when you're flying in a plane? And how close is the International Space Station to Earth if we can spot it in the sky? Travel up, up, u...

Anatomy of a hunt: Speed, strategy and survival

As predators chase down their prey on the open savanna it’s a race for survival. Lions and cheetahs are some of the most athletic animals on the planet but strength and speed aren’t everything. By precisely measuring ...

How many ways are there to prove the Pythagorean theorem?

What do Euclid, 12-year-old Einstein, and American President James Garfield have in common? They all came up with elegant proofs for the famous Pythagorean theorem, one of the most fundamental rules of geometry and th...

Secrets Of The Snowy Owl

Follow the migration path of Baltimore, a young male snowy owl outfitted with a GPS transmitter backpack for a research project called Project Snowstorm. Project Snowstorm's researchers are following the owls by t...

General relativity & why GPS wouldn’t work if we didn’t know about it

General relativity, what Albert Einstein said was the happiest thought of his life, basically expands upon the idea that "the laws of physics are the same everywhere". Light and gravity behave in the same way for you....

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