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MetaLimbs: Extra robot arms that you control with your feet

What if you were given two extra robot arms to use? Could you open a closed door when your hands are full? Could you paint or build something faster or more efficiently? Might you become a master juggler? This Inami H...

Cat’s Cradle: How to play with two people

Learn how to play a two-person version of Cat's Cradle, a very old analog string game, with these step-by-step instructions from YouTuber Mom's Minivan. The easy-to-follow tutorial shows three basic string shapes play...

What’s the right way to wash your hands?

Handwashing is an easy and effective way to avoid catching the common cold or a seasonal flu. But not using enough soap or washing your hands too quickly might not get rid of all of the germs—bacteria, viruses, fungi,...

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