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Mimicking shark skin to combat superbugs – Think Like a Tree

In 2001, materials scientist Dr. Anthony Brennan observed that Galapagos Sharks are barnacle and algae-free due to the micro-topography of their skin. These diamond pattern nanoridges also make it difficult for bacter...

Baby Bat Burritos at the Australian Bat Clinic

This is just some of what the Australian Bat Clinic does to care for orphaned baby bats: feeding, grooming, attending to their medical needs, and making them feel warm and safe by wrapping them like a ridiculously cut...

Koala Hospital: Caring for fluffy marsupials in Port Macquarie

Koalas running. Koalas eating. Koalas clinging to legs. Koalas nose to nose. Koalas being ridiculously cute. In an ongoing series, Koala Hospital, National Geographic travels to Port Macquarie, Australia, a few ho...

Baby echidna at Taronga Wildlife Hospital

This small creature is called a puggle. It’s a baby echidna, is just 40 days old and lives at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital: Annabelle a Taronga Vet Nurse and surrogate Mum to ‘Beau’,  has not seen a puggle ...

Josie the chihuahua gets her wheels

Josie is a happy little chihuahua who was born with no front legs. Add some inventiveness by a lot of people around her and you've got a happy little chihuahua who can get around on wheels. This may be the ...

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