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Making ice cream from a 350-year-old recipe

"To make icy cream... Take three pints of the best cream, boyle it with a blade of mace, or else perfume it with orang flower water..." This begins the 350-year-old recipe for ice cream, "thought to be the earliest re...

How is ice cream made?

When we want ice cream, we head to a local ice cream shop around town or to the freezer aisle in the grocery store. But how did the ice cream get there? Where and how was it made? This Magic of Making video takes us t...

How to make homemade ice cream three different ways

If you don't have an ice cream maker at home but still want to make homemade ice cream, check out this video from Basics with Babish. Andrew Rea demonstrates a few different ways to make this sweet treat at home with ...

Making ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen and Dr. Kate Biberdorf

Dr. Kate Biberdorf is a lecturer and the Director of Demonstrations and Outreach at The University of Texas in Austin, and an internet famous chemist who creates impressive explosions for students all across Texas. In...

Sick Science! Homemade ice cream

Legend has it that the Roman emperor, Nero, is credited as the first person to make ice cream. Nero commanded slaves to bring snow down from the mountains, which was then used to freeze the flavored cream mixture. The...

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