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Make a 3D “hologram” using your smartphone & a CD jewel case

Create a 3D hologram illusion with your smartphone! This DIY tutorial by Arun Maini, inspired by YouTuber American Hacker, shows us how with the help of an old CD jewel case, some graph paper, a pen, scissors, an x-ac...

Emoji Science with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Have you ever found an idea in science to be confusing and said, "I wish I had some emoji around to help make this information more clear." Well, look no further because Bill Nye the Science Guy has teamed up with GE ...

Wanderers: Humanity’s Future Expansion into the Solar System

With narration by Carl Sagan, borrowed from an audio recording of his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, this is Wanderers, a bold science fiction short by digital artist and animator Erik...

Departing Earth, a view from Messenger Spacecraft (2005)

On its way to Mercury in August, 2005, eight years ago, Messenger Spacecraft took 358 images with its wide-angle camera over 24 hours, one Earth rotation. The images were brought together in this 13 second time lapse...

Jim Campbell on the genesis of Exploded Views at SFMOMA

Artist Jim Campbell describes the process behind his SFMOMA-commissioned work titled Exploded Views, a 2,880 LED installation in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's atrium in November 2011. From the artist's site...

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