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How Animals Eat

Tiny snail teeth, deep hamster cheeks, quick Betta reflexes, axolotl patience. Watch as six animals—a snail, a katydid, a betta fish, a hamster, an axolotl, and a duckling—eat different foods in different ways. The vi...

What do bluebirds eat?

Ask any birder what birds eat and you'll hear “seeds, fruits, and insects.” But during reproduction, arguably the most important weeks of a bird’s life, 96% of North American terrestrial birds eat insects and other ar...

The Lychen Katydid camouflages

Wildlife photographer David Weiller captured this video in Costa Rica, Cartago Province. The insect is a Lychen Katydid (Markia hystrix), camouflaging itself with color and texture along the lichen it's named after. ...

The Giant Texas Katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa)

Get a close look at an adult male Giant Texas Katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa) as it chirps, grooms, breathes, and seems to get a good look at you, too, in this video by insect enthusiast and YouTuber Precarious333.

Leaf Mimic Katydids: Uniquely disguised as dead & diseased leaves

this Leaf Mimic Katydid really commits to its ability to hide in plain sight. Filmed in the in the Ecuadorian Amazon's Yasuni National Park, it's holding as still as possible. From Krulwich Wonders: They're not c...

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