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Ernesto Neto’s GaiaMotherTree

Like a loosely-knit sweater, a spider-woven quilt, or a mammoth storybook tree, these hand-knotted, naturally-dyed cotton strips stretch up to the ceiling to create a giant sculpture and an intimate room. Brazilian ar...

The Cyclo Knitter, a bicycling machine that knits scarves in 5 minutes

Imagine it's the midst of winter. You are cold and bored waiting for your train at the station. This pedal powered machine gets you warm by moving, you are making something while you wait and in the end you are left w...

How woolly sweaters are made

It's time for the sheep to take off her woolly coat, so we can wash it, card it, spin it, knit it, and wear it! Enjoy this excellent video from The Magic of Making, a journey from sheep shearing to the sweater shop...

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