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Danny the orphan koala plays with his carer

Danny was just 600 grammes when he was found abandoned on side of the road. At this stage of life in the wild, joeys would be spending nearly all the time clinging to their mothers back, so Danny is given a koala t...

The koala’s deep voice

Body mass and vocal pitch don’t always match. Male koalas have deep, rumbling vocalizations, an unexpectedly low sound that might normally be associated with wild boars or a huge braying beast the size of an ele...

Koala Hospital: Caring for fluffy marsupials in Port Macquarie

Koalas running. Koalas eating. Koalas clinging to legs. Koalas nose to nose. Koalas being ridiculously cute. In an ongoing series, Koala Hospital, National Geographic travels to Port Macquarie, Australia, a few ho...

Baby Koala: A Joey moves in its pouch at the Taipei Zoo

A baby koala, called a Joey, moves inside (and occasionally peeks from!) its mother’s pouch at the Taipei Zoo. From National Geographic: …a female koala carries her baby in her pouch for about six mont...

Yabbra the koala runs down a hallway

Yabbra is one of just two koalas in the UK. He lives at the Edinburgh Zoo and we’ve watched him trot down this hall many, many times this week! A few koala facts: Koalas and most other marsupials live in Aust...

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