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Hammering, sanding, & polishing aluminium foil into a shiny sphere

In March 2018, YouTuber SKYtomo shaped, sanded, and polished a ball of aluminum foil into a shiny sphere, a ten-minute video that's currently approaching four million views. His project seems to have inspired other Yo...

Bouquet, a device that translates colors into fragrances

Point the cone at a patch of blue and sniff the other end. An ocean scent wafts through the nozzle and into your nose. The Bouquet color-to-smell translator was created in just one week by Erika Marthins, Arthur Mosca...

Maple Clouds – Making a wooden bowl in stop motion

How a wooden cloud bowl was made in Frank Howarth's workshop, a stop motion adventure: This is a wood turned segmented bowl made from walnut and maple. I built the form of the bowl from rings each made up of 12 se...

Turning a brick of melted crayons on the lathe

What can you make when you melt 256 crayons? Peter Brown of Shop Time experimented with making a Rainbow Crayon Bud Vase on the lathe. Side effect: Shredded crayon bits everywhere.

Making a baseball bat from rough-sawn lumber – Darbin Orvar

Using rough-sawn maple and walnut lumber, Linn from Darbin Orvar crafts a baseball bat from scratch for MAKE. Watch as she explains every step in detail, from cutting, to jointing and planing, gluing and clamping the ...

Machining a cube in a cube in a cube from a single metal block

This three-layered cube – a cube in a cube in a cube – was made from a single block of metal. It was machined with precision on a metal lathe and a drill by YouTuber Инженер BrunS, an experienced hobbyist. The cubes c...

Making a traditional Japanese wooden Kokeshi Doll

Watch as Kokeshi artisan Yasuo Okazaki carves and paints a traditional, one-of-a-kind Kokeshi Japanese Wooden Doll in the “Naruko” style from a spinning block of wood. The video was filmed by Te to Te to Te (Hand and ...

Making a wooden lampshade from a tree stump

Watch New Zealand-based woodturner Sören Berger turn a radiata pine tree stump (originally cut down for firewood) into a unique, hand-crafted lampshade. On a lathe, he painstakingly alternates between shaving the exte...

How are Japanese Kokeshi Dolls made?

Handmade from wood, traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are carved and painted by artisans in this rhythmic video by JapanStoreTV: Kokeshi Dolls originated in North-East Japan as wooden toys for children. They beg...

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