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The Lunch Feeder, a Rube Goldberg machine for the office

When Joseph Herscher has a lot of work to do at his desk, he still makes sure he eats a healthy lunch: Brussels sprouts, a hot dog with ketchup, asparagus, and some tomato soup. It's a good thing he has the help of an...

The Cake Server, a delightfully complex food-themed Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machines are not only made from a series of imaginative engineering marvels, they're also well-known for being overly complex in comparison to the task achieved. In this intricate machine by Joseph Hersc...

The mighty mathematics of the lever

Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth.” While the idea of a person moving such a huge mass on their own might sound impossible, chances are you’ve seen this idea in action at your ...

Water powered hammer (Monjolo) – Primitive Technology

For farmers, millers, engineers, and artisans who live near a river or stream, a monjolo or kara-usu—a water powered hammer—can slowly grind grains into flours or soft stones into powders without repetitive human effo...

Hoberman spheres transform in this colorful kinetic installation

Hoberman spheres can be found in toys stores, your local science museum, and in the permanent collection at MoMA. Invented by artist, engineer, architect, and inventor Chuck Hoberman, the spheres can expand and contra...

Stonehenge: Moving Massive Blocks Using Simple Engineering

Have the kids seen W.T. “Wally” Wallington yet? He’s a retired carpenter who believes he knows how Stonehenge was built. With 35 years experience in construction under his ...

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