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Making lime with Primitive Technology

Making use of the unoccupied shells of native rainforest snails around his original land, Primitive Technology makes lime mortar by firing them in his pottery kiln, slaking the calcined shells with water so that they ...

Underwater Caves of the Yucatán Peninsula – Wonders of Life

In the jungles of Yucatán Peninsula, crystal clear cenotes -- from the Mayan word ts’onot meaning "sacred well" -- fuel their surrounding ecosystems with fresh water. Numbering in the thousands, these flooded sinkhole...

The Great Pyramid of Giza was bright white & highly polished

Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza used to look very different from the way it does now. When it was first completed around 2560–2540 BC, the pyramid's original external walls of Tura limestone casing stones were sanded sm...

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