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Why do animals form swarms?

When many individual organisms come together and move as one entity, that’s a swarm. From a handful of birds to billions of insects, swarms can be almost any size. They have no leader, and members interact only with t...

Swarm Of Locusts Devour Everything In Their Path

Behold this incredible footage of a desert locust swarm, captured for the BBC's Planet Earth and narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Some background from Wikipedia sets the stage: Plagues of desert locusts have t...

Epic Catapulting Locust In Slow Motion – Earth Unplugged

Locusts are powerful jumpers. The jumps may not be as controlled as a praying mantis or a leaproach, but a locust's ability to jump 10x its own body length is more about putting distance in between them and any predat...

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