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Epic stunts by a toy Thomas the Tank Engine

A toy Thomas the Tank Engine gets daring in this video by 5 Mad Movie Makers. Watch as Thomas makes a few epic leaps and flips—he even completes a loop-the-loop—all while managing to stay on his wooden train tracks. L...

Apartment Symphony – A Looping POV Masterpiece

This video by musician Keith Peskosky, his Apartment Symphony entry into an online video competition, is a traveling, looping mind-bender of music layers. In the video notes and comments, he explains: "What happen...

Cars on the Lanes – Translating car patterns into music

From Brazilian multimedia artist Jarbas Agnelli, this is Cars on the Lanes, an experiment to find and translate the music in patterns around us. Agnelli writes: Since everything moves (from galaxies to atoms) and ...

Wooden blocks trigger sounds on Arduino-programmed turntables

Mix three turntables with some Arduino boards and five sensors each. Program different sounds -- bongos, bass, a snare drum, hi-hat, whatever you'd like -- and then position small wooden blocks on the turntables to tr...

It’s Paper, a looping, computer-rendered landscape

This animation project by Pingo van der Brinkloev is titled It’s Paper, despite not being paper at all. From the artist:  I wanted to make some infinite loops for istockphoto and I wanted...

Dyskograf: drawings translated into music

DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader. Each disc is created by visitors to the installation by way of felt tip pens provided for their use. The mechanism then reads the disk, translating the dra...

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