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Making lava bombs with ‘homemade’ magma

Hot lava + cold water = the potential for lava bombs, flying molten rock balls. For scientists who study the dynamics of this violent combination, it's much safer to set up controlled experiments than to study it in H...

How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes?

In Oregon, Washington and Idaho, magma has erupted out of the ground in at least 25 places in the last 10,000 years, a mere instant in the lifetime of volcanoes that can be hundreds of thousands of years old... But wh...

Building a Volcano-bot | How She Works

Volcanologist Carolyn Parcheta builds and tests Volcano bots, sturdy and compact robots that can explore inside volcanoes. Her team is developing these two-wheeled explorers to learn more about how magma moves and how...

Volcanic Eruptions 101: How It Happens

How do volcanos work? From explosive eruptions to creeping lava flows, this NYT video explains the anatomy of a volcano, and how the unseen underground variables can make it difficult to know how a volcano might behav...

What is a Volcano?

What is a Volcano? from Twig World Films. 

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