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Teeny Weeny Challenge – How Small Can I Draw?!

How small can you draw with a fine point pen, a magnifying glass, and some practice? Watercolor illustrator and YouTuber Kasey Golden finds out how small she can draw and paint in this 'Teeny Weeny Challenge.' She...

Go on a Snowflake Safari

The next time you're going out in the snow, take a magnifying glass with you and see if you can find an elusive 12-sided snowflake... and if you don't happen to see that one, take note of the ones you do find. Is it n...

Power of Optics: A light-powered Rube Goldberg machine

In this commercial for au Hikari, one of Japan’s high-speed optical internet service providers, a Rube Goldberg machine is "powered" by a single beam of light that travels via mirrors, magnifying glasses, and reflecti...

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