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Nature’s Masters Of Disguise – Maddie About Science

Go behind-the-scenes at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History with arachnologist Hannah Wood and Maddie About Science host Maddie Sofia to see the mimics of the museum's collection. Atlas moths, stick bugs, leaf i...

The Praying Mantis Leaps – ScienceTake

In this ScienceTake from The New York Times, we watch a young praying mantis leap over and over and over again... a completely fascinating, rather cartoon-like action that can be super-useful for scientists and engin...

Glass Mantis Eats a Blue Bottle Fly

As this Glass Mantis eats a blue bottle fly, you can watch the food travel down through its head and thorax! Fascinating stuff. Precarious333 has a treasure trove of insect videos. Or check ou...

Sarruga: Giant Insects in Chicago

The spectacular Catalan street theater company, Sarruga, transforms the Millennium Park in Chicago into a fantasy world, bringing their giant ants, spiders and praying mantises to interact with the public in a...

A White Orchid Mantis: Flower petal-friendly camouflage

Meet the Orchid Mantis. Native to Malaysia, they camouflage with flower petals, specifically white and pink ones. “In this way the mantis can remain unseen for predators such as birds and at the same time can ca...

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