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Google Glass in the Gobi – Dinosaur Nest

Aki Watanabe demonstrates the careful process of extracting and jacketing a nest of dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert. A graduate student at the AMNH’s Richard Gilder Graduate School, ...

Mongolian horsemen herd wild horses for their horse milk

From BBC’s Human Planet, watch Mongolian horsemen herd wild horses in order to first catch foals, and then wild mares for their milk. Mongolia’s 2.4 million people are semi-nomadi...

Paragliding Above Extreme Desert Sands

Using his paraglider, photographer George Steinmetz flies above some of the most diverse and extreme deserts in the world… sand dunes, volcanic peaks, brightly colored hot springs, ancie...

How nomads put together a ger (or yurt)

The nomadic people of Mongolia don’t stay in one place for long. That’s why they live in gers (which American’s know by the Russian name, yurt), a home that is fast and eas...

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