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How to turn garden clippings into striking insect sculptures

How does Montreal-based designer Raku Inoue create his striking ‘Natura Insects’ series of plant sculptures on Instagram? It starts with collecting and sorting interesting materials from his garden, going with the flo...

Inside Montreal’s Zero Waste Urban Greenhouses

Hydroponics, growing plants without dirt, can be an efficient, technology-driven farming system that can deliver fresher, healthier, and less expensive foods to city customers. In this episode of Stereokroma's Où se t...

How the trucks remove heavy snow in Montreal, Canada

Behold how they remove heavy snow from the streets of Montreal, Canada. It’s like a Virginia Lee Burton book that has come to life…  Related videos: more trucks and more snow.


Be sure to full-screen this one: Micromachines by Nicolas Ménard.

Control, No Control at Igloofest 2012

Control, No Control, an interactive light installation created by Iregular and shown at Igloofest 2012, an outdoor electronic music festival in Montréal during wintertime. Brrrr. There are more art installation vid...

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