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The Lion and the Mouse (1976) – Evelyn Lambart

The Lion and the Mouse is a classic fable that highlights how huge contributions can come from unexpected places, that a kindness is never wasted, and that even when you're the king of the forest, you can be in need o...

Embroidered zoetrope animations by Elliot Schultz

As a Digital Art Major at the Australian National University, Elliot Schultz experimented with and produced embroidered zoetrope animations. Get a behind-the-scenes look here. Discs were created with animated seque...

A large biscuit and a small mouse

This is the short story of a large biscuit and a small mouse.

Kagemono – The Shadow Folk

A story about perception, danger, and friendship, Kagemono: The Shadow Folk by CalArts grad Sabrina Cotugno. Watch more videos with foxes and more vids about perception.

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