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Max Roach on the hi-hat

American jazz drummer and composer Max Roach on the hi-hat. So. Good. A quick introduction from Drummerworld: Max Roach instigated a revolution in jazz drumming that persisted for decades; instead of the swing app...

Pinball Number 12 Remade

Animator Abbey Luck created a stop-motion version of Sesame Street’s classic animation from Pinball Number 12, circa 1977, one of our favorites. The them is sung by the Pointer Sisters. Be sure to also che...

Dizzy Gillespie & the Electric Mayhem on The Muppet Show (1980)

Dizzy Gillespie and the Electric Mayhem perform “St. Louis Blues” on The Muppet Show, episode 413. It aired in the U.S. on February 28, 1980. Next, watch more muppets. Updated video.

Norman McLaren’s Boogie Doodle (1948)

Norman McLaren was a Scottish Canadian film director and a “poet of animation.” Much of his work is pioneering and playful, dancing between abstraction and representation… perfect for kids! Plus, the...

Gravité – Objects falling with rhythm

Above, objects falling (and being edited) to make rhythm. Below: Sonar. Both films are from Possible Metrics, a Montreal-based studio “creating music with visual environments.” Related watching: mo...

Glenn Gould plays Bach

Glenn Gould plays Bach, a clip from The Art of Piano: Great Pianists of the 20th Century, which is online (for now) in what appears to be its entirety. It has some great details in it: There’s a top hat at 4m40...

The Legend of Zelda Theme on Marimba

The Legend of Zelda theme song on marimba, snare drum, cymbal, bells, timpani, and triangle. Awesome. 

Meet the Elements – They Might Be Giants

If only I’d seen this when I was a kid, high school chemistry would have made more sense! And maybe I would have been loudly singing, “Elephants are mostly made of four elements!” like my kiddos were...

Louis Armstrong – When the Saints Go Marching In

Louis Armstrong and his band, When the Saints Go Marching In. Watch more Louis Armstrong on this site.

Sub City Paris / Sub City New York

Featuring music by Duke Ellington and the singular city where my oldest kid was born: Sub City Paris. The film is by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason, who previously shot Sub City New York: ...

A giant forest xylophone plays Bach in this Japanese commercial

It’s a forest xylophone! This is a Japanese commercial that the kid asked to watch three times in a row. The music played on the custom-made wooden keys of this beautiful instrument: Jesu,...

Music From a Dry Cleaner – Diego Stocco

Music From a Dry Cleaner, from sound designer and composer Diego Stocco:  Almost everyday, on my way to a local bakery, I walk in front of a dry cleaners. When they have the front door op...

CUSTOMTONE by Fracture & Neptune

A music video for Fracture and Neptune’s Customtone, animated by Emilski and Nick Duggins.

The Water Cycle: A boogie woogie stop motion clay animation

The Water Cycle! This cute little stop motion piece about water in many of its forms was created by animator Emma Dougherty at StopMoGo, and was inspired by her time as a teacher. Also, it has great boogie woogie mus...

The LightLine of Gotham: 3D projection mapping in NYC

Light Lining is a 3D projection mapping technique that UK-based arts and tech studio Seeper has been showcasing around the globe. Some of their projects are interactive, while others, like th...

The Sound of Wood: From sapling to violin

The Sound of Wood: From sapling to violin. We wish there was a video like this for every musical instrument.

Birds from Pleix

Laser lights and slow motion dogs “flying” like birds? From Pleix, a community of digital artists in Paris, this 2006 viral classic is perfect for kids!

Art Clokey’s Gumbasia (1955)

Gumbasia was Art Clokey’s first film, made in 1955 at the University of Southern California. It was a parody of Disney’s Fantasia, using stop-motion clay figures. This short film led to funding for his first Gumby fil...

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