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A pinned insect manipulator (IMp), the Natural History Museum’s LEGO invention

When you're an entomologist who's trying to help digitize insect specimens—studying them, comparing their details with other insects, and capturing multiple images of them from all angles—it can be a challenge to use ...

Making aloe plants for the hyena diorama at The Field Museum

How are natural history museum dioramas—scenes showing animals within their native habitats—created to last for years and years of viewings? In this behind-the-scenes video from Chicago's Field Museum, Exhibitions Pre...

The Story of Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde

Berlin's Museum für Naturkunde is not only a treasure trove of specimens and a pioneer in the history of natural history museums but, having celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2010, it has also endured some pivotal m...

Ice Cores – Measuring Earth’s atmosphere from 20,000 years ago

When you drill 364 meters (1194 feet) down into Antarctic ice, taking out a cylindrical section called an ice core, you can measure the Earth's temperature and carbon dioxide levels from over 20,000 years ago. Infor...

A stag beetle, a long-horned beetle, & a tube web spider

Stuart Hind, Identification and Advisory Service Manager at the Natural History Museum in London, spends his days identifying the bugs that people bring in to the museum. Jars, match boxes, s...

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